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This is true although it’s nice to believe in a higher being than yourself you shouldn’t let a simple book tell you what’s wrong and right I bet I the bible wasn’t around people wouldn’t have so many prejudices.

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I’ve encountered a number of people saying that Freedom of Speech is non-existent. Why? Well, it’s because they say what’s in their minds and then they get told to ‘shut up’, are bashed and totally ignored.

Sometimes, it is quite unfair since we live in an age where freedom of speech is encouraged. We no longer live in the dark era of being unable or prevented to say our opinions about things.

But my dearest friends, do you know that Freedom of Speech also entails, like all forms of rights and freedom, a certain responsibility? If you were given the right and freedom to use a sword, would you wield it however you please and end up injuring people, while all the while claiming that it is your right and it is your freedom to use it?

The concept with expression is the same.

We have the right to say our opinions. Yes, sometimes it goes against what most people think. But that is what we think is right. And nobody can change that in you. It is your belief.

However, you also have the responsibility to choose your words carefully. A single harsh, careless and rude word can wound and destroy any person’s belief, thought, feeling and mood.

Knowing how to express what you believe, while trying to respect what others believe in, is truly a gift. It is a great kindness. And is therefore appreciated. We are civilized people. What we hold useless in our opinion, could mean so much to someone else. Selfishness and indifference is not an excuse. It is merely justifying what you call ‘freedom of speech’, which is but a pale shadow and a mockery of the real essence of that right.

Do unto others what you want others to do unto you. The golden rule is as simple as that. I’m sure you wouldn’t like it if people did the same thing to you, right?

So please, my friends. Please. 

Use your rights and your freedom carefully.

Just my two cents.

this is a GOOD post.

also i love how people who whine about being criticized for their opinions fail to account for the fact that all the people who tell them to shut up? Also are entitled to free speech. Just because you’re allowed to say things doesn’t mean people are required to appreciate, agree with, or approve of your opinion.

Freedom of Speech, specifically in America,

a) Refers to the GOVERNMENT, not individual people (or corporations)

b) Doesn’t outlaw censorship (stupid, but it is what it is)

I’m just putting this out there because a looooot of people, particularly from America, seem to forget this and think “Freedom of Speech” = “a right to say whatever the fuck I want regardless of it’s truth, it’s capability to harm, and without redress” , which is total fucking bullshit.

If there is a section on Freedom of Speech from any country that specifies any entities other than the government and/or outlaws censorship, I would love to be pointed to it, as it is my understanding that the above tends to be the case for most countries that have any such clause.


The non-propaganda version

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I think that about sums it up… 

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In days, the European Commission will try a last ditch attempt to revive ACTA. But we can shine a light on their dirty trick and foil their plans.

Governments are turning their back on ACTA one by one, so the EC is asking their Court of Justice to give the treaty the greenlight and renew its momentum — but they plan to manipulate the processby giving the court only a narrow, uncontroversial question to consider, hoping it will lead to a positive outcome.

We can push the court to see though the EC’s ploy and look at all the legal implications of this censorship treaty on our freedoms — forcing a negative decision that kills ACTA for good.

Sign the petition.



The War on Women infographic, put together by NARAL.

And the attack seems to have ramped up even more for 2012.  They are REALLY making a big push here across the board, and it seems coordinated and well organized.  We have to double down on our own efforts to fight this crap with equal energy every time it pops up.  This is a “war” that they can not be allowed to win.  ~ Steve

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Good Girl O’Conner got it right

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SOPA author back and worse than ever

Tyler Holmar
Another day, another threat to internet freedom. According to  International Business Times, beloved Texas Representative Lamar Smith  is the author of a new bill that includes extreme surveillance provisions, and a name that will  make opponents sound like criminals: H.R. 1981 (bump that last digit up  three times for a more fitting title), or the ‘Protecting Children From  Internet Pornographers Act of 2011.’
The new name has outraged many opponents of SOPA and other bills that  could bring more government control to the internet, like PIPA and ACTA.  It’s hard to imagine the whole world turning out against a bill with  the words ‘protect’ and ‘children’ in the title, regardless of the  actual contents of the bill.
In the words of Business Insider’s David Seaman,  it’s “just a B.S. name so that politicians in the House and Senate are  strong-armed into voting for it, even though it contains utterly insane  1984-style Big Brother surveillance provisions.” Ouch….click on the title to continue reading this enraging story.

Someone, please, take this idiot away and put him away with the rest of the tyrants



SOPA author back and worse than ever