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Someday, things are going to change.

Okay, I’m sure that the parallel of Mako and Aladdin has not gone unnoticed by the Korra fandom, but I would like to take the time to reiterate its relevance and sort of throw in my two yuans about Mako, Korra, and why this scene does NOT make Makorra canon.

The reason that I have put the two scenes from LoK and Aladdin together is, while being eerily similar, they both represent the sense of longing, even desperation, the characters have at bettering their lives. Mako, along with his younger brother, have been street urchins most of their lives and have had to scrape and scratch just to survive in the bustling world of Republic City. It’s obvious that there is a class structure in place, and Mako finds himself at the wrong end of it. In order to escape poverty and provide himself—and more importantly, Bolin—with a viable future, he must call upon the one thing that could possibly get them out of the gym attic, and possibly even out of Republic City.

Mako turns to Pro-Bending as a way to leave his troubled past behind him.

Why do you think he’s so determined to win every match? Throwing everything he has into every point? Why do you think he was so hard on Hasook? Hated seeing his brother distracted by fangirls? Because Mako believes that by winning the Pro-Bending Championship, life will finally be good for him and Bolin.

When he first meets Korra, his attitude is cold because he just sees her as a distraction for his brother. When he finds out that she’s the Avatar, he’s embarrassed for disrespecting her, but still cannot see past the fact that Korra isn’t going to help him reach his goal. It isn’t until Korra helps him and Bolin win that match that Mako actually sees Korra as a person and not an obstacle, because she can now aid him in his quest to better his and Bolin’s lives.

So when Mako is gazing out across Yue Bay, his thoughts aren’t on Korra in a romantic way. His thoughts dwell on a small spark of hope that maybe, just maybe this time everything is going to work out. He and Bolin will be Pro-Bending champions, able to afford their own place, and not have to worry about anything ever again.

Korra’s place in securing this future as a teammate more than a soulmate is the only thing on Mako’s mind at this point.

TL;DR: Mako, like Aladdin, longs for a better future more so than a steady girlfriend. Whether there is a place in his heart for both remains to be seen.

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According to this link (which has been credible in the past):

BURBANK, Calif. – March 15, 2012 – The mythology of the beloved animated franchise from Avatar: The Last Airbender creators, Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, continues with the Nickelodeon premiere of The Legend of Korra on Saturday, April 14, at 11:00 AM (ET/PT), with a one-hour television event featuring back-to-back episodes.

“In the premiere episode, “Welcome to Republic City,” Korra leaves the safety of her home and travels to bustling Republic City to begin her airbending training. Once there, she is shocked to find a big city full of dangers, including criminal bending gangs and a vocal anti-bending revolution.

“In episode two, “A Leaf in the Wind,” Korra is living with her airbending teacher Tenzin on Air Temple Island. Frustrated with her inability to master airbending, she turns her attentions to Republic City’s famous Pro-bending Arena. There she befriends two brothers, Mako (David Faustino) and Bolin (P.J. Byrne), who compete in professional bending matches. Korra is immediately drawn to Pro-bending’s dynamic fighting style.

Beginning April 1, fans may log on to for an interactive experience and introduction to Republic City. Show information, fun facts, micro games and additional new content make up this “Welcome to Republic City” online experience. Also leading up to the television series premiere, Xbox users will have the opportunity to download the first episode and trailer for free and purchase episodes from Avatar: The Last Airbender. The first The Legend of Korra episode will be available on VOD.”

(via fallencrows)